Shinco Window sealing cloth for Portable Air Conditioning(US)

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Shinco Window sealing cloth,Suitable for all kinds of windows (Except sliding window)

Length: 400cm / 157.48 inch

Width: 39cm / 15.35 inch

Only sold in the U.S.

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✅【Keep Desired Temperature & Energy Saving】window Seal cloth for portable air conditioner could prevent the return flow of warm or cold exhaust air from outside, mosquitoes, and rainwater entering the room.So that your mobile air conditioner can be more efficient,cools and warms your room in less time.Reduce the power consumption effectively,save electricity charges.
✅【Application Extensive】Suitable for all portable air conditioners,tumble dryers and dehumidifiers. Whether for windows that open to the left or windows that open to the right, bottom hung windows or skylights, This Window Seal cloth will be ok.It cannot be mounted on sliding windows and doors.
✅【Easy To Install and Use】You don’t have to buy window kits, adapters or additional tools. Easy installation in 4 steps:1.Clean the window frame and casement with rubbing alcohol prior;2.Stick hook fastener on the inside of the window frame and window itself. Attach window seal baffle along the hook fastener.3.Open the zipper and put the exhaust hose out of the window seal cloth.4.Close the zip tightly around the hose. Simple as it is.
✅【Durability Material & Universal size】This window seal and zipper are noted for durability and high quality.Made of double sided waterproof non-woven fabric material,It doesn’t leak.Fits window with a maximum perimeter of 400 CM/157.5 INCH.
✅【Convenience And Economy】Any time you open and close the window without taking off the window seal,Once the weather turns mild,you can take it off and install it again next summer and winter to save your money!


Note: This product is only sold in the US


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