[Quiet and energy-saving]This Energy Star certified dehumidifier can quickly and effectively absorb moisture. The energy consumption in medium to large rooms is very low, and it will not take up your energy costs. Compared with non-Energy Star appliances, Energy Star appliances are not only environmentally friendly, but also reduce costs by 30%. The 48 decibel peak sound makes you hardly feel its presence. Generally speaking, 50 decibels may be as loud as a normal call.
[Easy to use]-Adjust to the ideal dehumidification setting, and then let it run continuously for a 24-hour cycle until the water tank is full, otherwise it will automatically shut down (the water tank capacity is 7 liters). If there is no time, you can choose continuous drainage mode (equipped with water pipes). The internal water pump will automatically take out the water from the dehumidifier, so you will never stop due to a full bucket. The water can be pumped sideways or vertically to 12 feet (approximately 3.7 meters).
[Very convenient]-One button can quickly dry clothes. If there is a power outage due to a storm, you don’t need to reset all electrical and electronic equipment around, the Shinco dehumidifier will return to its original set. The LED screen can visually display the current room humidity level and the desired target humidity. You can also change the fan speed; set a 2/4 hour sleep timer; automatically defrost in low temperature environments. Easy to use, detachable bucket.
[Perfect after-sales service]-All Shinco dehumidifiers enjoy 30-day refund, 1-year warranty and lifetime expert technical support. If you have any questions, please contact our team for help. We will reply you within 24 hours and help you solve the problem.

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